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Welcome to MobileFish, a Mobile-First Proximity-Centric Marketing Agency.

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We help local businesses increase leads & customers using the latest mobile marketing tools and technologies.

We are a team of mobile marketing professionals dedicated to helping businesses target their mobile audience to help increase sales and get better Return On Investment (ROI) for their advertising dollars.

Our solutions help business owners target mobile savvy audiences — which in turn helps generate more business and increases sales.

We offer a full suite of services including: mobile ready websites, QR code marketing, and SMS text message marketing and consulting services.

Contact us today to have one of our Anglers (mobile marketing experts) explain how we can help your business grow using mobile, Wifi, Email, SMS, NFC, and other lures..

FACT: Everyone is Mobile Now


That's right. Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Smart phones have taken over and consumers use them all day, everywhere they go.

It's time to put your message in their hands!

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FACT: Consumers are Social

FACT: Your Business Needs 
More Leads
More Sales

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Mobile Advertising by MobileFish

Human-Engineered. Artificial Intelligence-Honed. Incredible Targeting Strategies.
Over 80M Targeted Ads Served Daily to Mobile Devices. Our Flagship Proximity Advertising Service Delivers Massive Advertising ROI

Mobile Websites

The surge in mobile internet usage caused Google to make changes; Businesses must have a Mobile-Optimized website in order to be featured on mobile search listings.

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SMS & Email

Texting is the new email, but email still works just fine! So we help you leverage both mediums to engage potential customers and retain existing ones.

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Kiosks & Signage

Leverage the power of touch with a digital signage display or a fully interactive kiosk! Whether it's one display or a network of 1000 screens, we've got you covered!

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WIFI Marketing

Build loyalty and increase engagement and sales by having customers connect to your Free WIFI with Social Media. Keep them coming back for more.

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LOCAL Search

82% of mobile users use local search, social reviews, online ratings, maps, and business directories to find places to spend money. ARE YOU IN?

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Web Marketing

Professionally designed and managed websites focused on converting visitors to customers. Fully responsive design and world class hosting with over 20 years of expertise.

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Loyalty Programs

Get into your customers’ wallets while building brand awareness and loyalty with our Mobile Wallet Loyalty system. We can show you how to leverage punch cards!

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Social Media

Complete social media campaigns are just a conversation away. We analyse, discover, post, and manage social reputations for clients. Fresh content and leads 7 days a week!

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NFC & QR Codes

NFC takes traditional print marketing to the next level! NFC tags engage customers on print ads by bridging the physical and digital world.

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We're Flexible and Super Easy to Work With

We’re business people just like you. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and we know the challenges. We understand budgets. We appreciate cash flow. Hey, we’re always fishin’ for customers too!

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