Interactive Kiosk Experiences & Digital Signage Marketing

The world has gone touch.

Interactive touch screen experiences are everywhere. In fact, you probably already own at least one. 

With so many touch screen experiences available, the push to deliver KIOSK and Signage interactivity is growing rapidly. 

Consumers Want to Watch & Interact With Content
It's Time to Leverage the Touch Screen

MobileFish deploys standard consumer equipment to keep costs under control and cloud managed network controllers to keep reliability high.

Virtually any sized touch display can be deployed for secure self-serve shopping, information stations, training kiosks, and many other uses.

MobileFish can help you leverage new facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence to put the right message in front of the right shopper, at the right time!

MobileFish custom designed interactive experiences can track every touch, decision, purchase, and preference. Customer interaction statistics provide critical business information for one shop or 1000 locations.

Stimulate Sales
Create new sales with attractive digital signage that draws shoppers to your wares.
Intelligent Digital Signage
Cutting Edge Tech to Connect to Consumer Traffic in new meaningful ways
Cognitive Kiosks & Signage
Bridging the Digital & Physical World with cognitive interactive kiosks.

Interactive Experiences are the Future...

Whether your business model calls for a single interactive Kiosk or a 1000 unit digital signage network, we’re your agency.

Use cases include: display advertising, shopping and ordering, product comparison, information delivery, education, self-service consumer flow, and anything else we can think up. (Psst… Little fish love shiny screens.)