Mobile Loyalty Program Marketing

Now that you’ve landed your customer, show them that you care about them. A MobileFish Mobile Loyalty Program engages your clientele with fun content that brings value to the relationship. 

Remember it’s not just a sale, it’s a journey! When you bring valuable, interesting content to your customers, they come to expect more. 

Take them further with new ideas and bold ways to entice them to share your brand with friends and family. 

Meanwhile, your customer database grows. More leads to convert to buyers. Track and reward them and grow your business the MobileFish way! 

Unleash Your Creativity with an Amazing Customer Loyalty Program

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Why Mobile Loyalty?

See up to an 8 to 1 Investment ROI

Customer loyalty marketing is in an incredibly efficient and cost-effective form of marketing.

MobileFish Loyalty Programs use integrated SMS messaging, contests, coupons, and punch cards to take loyalty marketing programs to the next level.

Our secure and easy-to-use platform allows you to create individual digital punch cards for your business.

In fact, customers can redeem punches via their smartphone or by using our Loyalty Program kiosk. 

Little Rewards for them means BIG rewards for your business!

Customize a Winning Loyalty Program

Through our guided mobile-ready easy-to-use interface, you can quickly create and customize your Winning Loyalty Program.

The loyalty program designer wizard makes it easy to duplicate your branding, set custom colors, upload high-quality images, and devise an enticing offer — or as we call them, LURES.

Additionally, you, your staff, or our in-house team can easily create a mobile kiosk to opt-in customers. 

Once the leads start growing your database, you can track their visits and redemption rates. You’ll enjoy comprehensive stats to gauge true ROI.

Once a customer opts in, their unique digital loyalty card can be saved to their smartphone’s home screen.

Punches can then be redeemed via the card on their device or by entering their mobile number into the same kiosk they used to join the program.

Your Loyalty Program Delivers High Repeat Customer Ratios!

Marketing is NOT a Gizmo

Above the Surface, a Loyalty Program is a Revenue Machine

As an business owner, your experience with the Loyalty Program is just as important as your customer’s experience.

The MobileFish Mobile Marketing Dashboard provides specifically for business owners. This is about growth, tracking, and recursive transaction at the register.

Our loyalty tool lets you set time frames for when punches can be redeemed, assign unique redemption codes for every employee, and track redemptions while preventing fraud every step of the way.

All this in one integrated platform. 

  • Start with a Coupon (LURE)
  • Design your loyalty offer
  • Publish it with tracking
  • Attach mobile landing pages
  • Create custom virtual punch cards that match your branding
  • Build your customer database
  • Track and manage KPIs
  • Drive social shares for further growth

No time? No staff? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Our certified mobile marketing professionals will consult with you, isolate the best approach, develop the perfect LURE, then build the entire campaign from Coupon to Executive Summary.

Remember the MobileFish Model: UDOWEDODIYDFY!

MobileFish SMS vs Email Marketing Concept Art

Mobile Loyalty Rewards Program Marketing
The Ultimate Customer Experience Journey
Easy - Simple - Effective - Rewarding

A MobileFish Loyalty Rewards Program is a powerful marketing tool that will keep your customers coming back. By creating exciting loyalty programs, you are engaging your audience while imperceptibly moving them towards their next transaction. Customers can join your loyalty program using a Kiosk, Web page, Keyword or campaign. With a few simple steps they start redeeming punches as they work towards the final reward! Let’s take a look at a typical loyalty rewards program experience for your customer:

mobilefish_loyalty_program_kiosk-step-1_webYour customers are lured by your amazing coupon offer to opt-in to receive the loyalty program via a kiosk in your store, directly from your website, or directly texted your keyword via a short code we provide.

Additionally, Loyalty Programs can be pushed out to databases using Campaigns.

mobilefish_loyalty_program_kiosk-step-2_webNo matter how you choose to distribute your Loyalty Program, your customers will receive a text message with a secure link to open their personal loyalty rewards card.

A simple click on the link will open their loyalty card on their smart phone’s browser. 

Then with a click, they save the card to their phone for their next visit.

mobilefish_loyalty_program_kiosk-step-3_webEvery time a customer meets your program’s purchase redemption requirements, they qualify to redeem a punch.

Redemptions are simple for customers and your employees to process.

Customers can earn a punch from the kiosk at your register or the mobile phone in their pocket.

mobilefish_loyalty_program_kiosk-step-4_webAfter your customer has completed your custom loyalty program, they will unlock a one-time redeemable offer.

They can choose to use it then or save it for their next visit.

Once they redeem the offer it will no longer be available, but of course the next offer is available to start the cycle again.