MobileFish SMS & email marketing campaign concept

SMS & EMAIL Marketing

Fully integrated dashboard to create keyword campaigns. Multiple shortcodes for maximum availability. Click to Call. Send to Win. Coupons. Contest. Scheduling blasts. 

We’ve got the tech and the know-how to pack your database with leads, prospects, and loyal customers!

Keep them in your message loop. Give them incentive to share and invite friends. It’s all in your MobileFish tackle box.

SMS vs EMAIL - Why not BOTH?

SMS Marketing

Sick Open Rates

Everyone reaches for their phone when a text comes in. SMS messages enjoy great open rates: Think 96% plus!

Maximum Reach

Since customers practically live with their phone in their hands, your message can be top of mind. Loyalty and reach for the WIN!

NFC & Interactive Tech

The mobile device is not only ubiquitous, it's also extremely powerful as a communication tool. We help you leverage that tech!

MobileFish SMS vs Email Marketing Concept Art

Email Marketing

Long Form Communication

Emails can contain mixed media, long form sales letters, video, and much more data than a SMS message. Great Value too!

More Permissible

Since email is less urgent, the advantage lost in open rates is made up by the less intrusive nature of email.

Lower Tech Barrier

Sometimes SMS is out of the reach of some prospects. Factors like tech adoption, age, or economics can pass the win to Email!

Maximize the ROI of Your Digital Advertising Budget with MobileFish Integrated Mobile Marketing Services

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