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Social Media Marketing

The growth of mobile devices and social media are intimately connected.

The amazing versatility of mobile devices keeps them always in reach of consumers. Social media is the way the modern consumer stays in touch. 

At MobileFish, we embrace the relationship between people and the tools they use to stay connected with each other. We consider the mobile device to be a social device, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, or something not yet invented. 

This connection creates many opportunities to present content, coupons, specials, and other resources to potential customers.

Let our expert social media anglers cast the net for your brand, and haul in new leads, prospects, & sales!

Fully Managed Social Media Content Marketing
Ideation - Moderation - Publication - Promotion
Complete Social Media Management for the Win!

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy
A strategic cycle of content marketing based on most current best practice.
Topical Analysis
Analyse and segment topics most important to customer interests.
Discover & Publish
Acquire & post Top Quality Content from in-house and external Sources
Interact - Monitor - Repeat
Monitor content and manage social responses and interactivity.

Fresh & Targeted Content on Your Social Stream - Automatically - 7 Days a Week!

Our SEO-focused social media experts will custom design content posts that perfectly target, engage, and grow your audience.  Our AI Automation systems post great content seven days a week and monitor your social reputation… SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

Let MobileFish manage your social media strategy as a stand-alone service or as part of our integrated marketing services. We’re ready to go. Let’s get social and save you time and money!