Generate Leads On Autopilot Using Social Powered Wi-Fi.

Access to Free Wi-Fi influences a customer’s buying decision more and more each day!

Free WIFI is a great way to get people in the door but with our social-powered solution, those customers will become your fans.

We will turn your Free WiFi into a lead generating machine to engage your customers on Social Media and run promotions, all while collecting valuable marketing data. The data can be used for online marketing, contests and special offers.

We help turn your customers into fans with Social Powered Free Wi-Fi.

Social Wifi Marketing Works!

64% of Mobile Consumers make a restaurant choice based on availability of Wi-Fi
82% of Mobile Consumers use the Internet wirelessly on a smartphone, tablet or laptop
79% of Mobile Consumers are influenced by the availability of in store Wi-Fi

How it Works for Your Customers!

1 - Connect

Your customer is enticed and rewarded for connecting to your Free Wi-Fi connection on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

2 - Get Social

Your customer will be directed to a landing page that asks them to log-in with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram or Email accounts to access your Free Wi-Fi.

3 - Engage

Your customer is encouraged to ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ your Facebook business page before they are redirected to your in-store promotions and special offers.

4 - Enjoy

Customers enjoy Free Wi-Fi. You enjoy automatically gathering valuable data that can be used for continued engagement and future marketing campaigns.

How it Works for Your Business!

Mobilefish Wifi marketing lead capture infographic
Lure New Visitors with Free WIFI & Rewards
Get Them Connected
Sure most folks have unlimited data on their mobile devices, but they don't always have the best signal. Plus, those 'unlimited' cell plans are rarely actually unlimited. Also, many apps on smartphones or laptops only work on WIFI. By promoting your Free WIFI with posters, stickers, other promos and by providing incentives, we entice customers and passing foot traffic into connecting to your free WIFI.
Lure New Visitors with Free WIFI & Rewards
Collect & Store Lead Data for Future Promotions
Capture Contact Data
Using social or email connection methods, we provide a way for customers to give us their information and permission to market to them. Their basic contact info data is stored in your secure cloud CRM and can be transferred to your SMS & mailing software or you can use the MobileFish Pub platform. As your relationship with consumers grow, you can collect other data to help you better serve them and create sales.
Collect & Store Lead Data for Future Promotions
Show Customers Love with Coupons, Punch Cards, & Resources
Engage and Reward
We help you develop campaigns to keep your customers happy and coming back. The goal is to engage customers and reward them for being loyal to your brand. It's a win-win because consumers are treated to specials while they move through your customized MobileFish customer journey. Yes, we call it a journey, because we've never met a business that did not want loyal repeat customers who tell their friends about the awesome treatment they get from your establishment.
Show Customers Love with Coupons, Punch Cards, & Resources
Reel in Sales, Positive Reviews, Social Referrals, and Repeat Business
Grow Your Brand - Rinse & Repeat
As your campaigns develop, loyalty develops as well. Add on other MobileFish campaigns and we'll help you cultivate increases in the key performance indicators that are the heartbeat of any modern business: Loyalty, Reviews, Ratings, Referrals, Repeat Clientele, Exponential Brand Growth, Measurable and Consistent Sales Growth, Automation, Search Rankings, Local Citations , Map Listings, SMS Campaigns...
Reel in Sales, Positive Reviews, Social Referrals, and Repeat Business

Here Are the Benefits to Your Business!

Let us set up a social-powered Wi-Fi Hotspot that instantly generates leads for you to increase sales and grow your business.

It’s a proven fact that Customers love Free WiFi and businesses love leads. With Social Powered WiFi from MobileFish, everybody wins!

Automated Lead Generation

Turn your Free WiFi into an automated lead generating machine. Start off on the right foot. Grow brand, loyalty, and sales.

Custom Branded Landing Pages

We design a custom landing page for you that engages your customers and reflects your business. It’s always your brand out front!

Social Media Connection

Engage your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data. Encourage reviews and ratings to boost sales.

Bandwidth Management

Set limits on the amount of bandwidth that each user can consume so that all of your customers can enjoy their Free WIFI.

Complete KPI Metrics & Analytics

Learn who your customers are, how often they visit your location, and how much they spend with full analytics and reporting.

Automated Lead Generation

Track & Reward loyal customers. Keep them coming back with Promotions, Punch Cards, Coupons, Contests and Special Offers!

Contact MobileFish Today to Get Started

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